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Gambling Treatment Program

Is gambling having a negative effect on your life?

Pokies, electronic gambling, table games, online gambling, and betting. You may thing you can stop anytime, but if gambling is impacting on your relationships, finances, work, interests and general wellbeing, that’s not ok. Often times gambling goes hand in hand with drug use and other issues such as depression and anxiety. Let the experienced team at Malvern Private steer you through our gambling focussed treatment stream working on all those issues that are so badly affecting your life.

Time to reach out, get help and do something about it.

Malvern Private offers a flexible residential stay accessing our best practice addiction treatment facilities and practices, followed by our highly-regarded aftercare program.
Our aim to provide you a dedicated environment of qualified Doctors and Practitioners to educate and guide you through the steps of the program, helping you to put the pieces back together.

Program Overview

  • Understanding gambling triggers, cues and behaviours.
  • Learning new behaviours, skills and thoughts to control the need to gamble.
  • Participation in educational presentations
    and group discussions.
  • Debt and Financial Management Planning.
  • Guest speakers and workshops from Addiction Medicine Specialists, Psychiatrists and Counsellors.
  • Family counselling and planning sessions.
  • Introduction of support group

Program Outcomes

  • Management of cravings and stress.
  • Development of new behavioural patterns.
  • Establishment of functioning family relationships.
  • Tools and understanding to deal with social environments.
  • Greater social and emotional heath.
  • Relapse prevention strategies.
  • Support group establishment.