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Meet Our Team

Dr. Raymond Chan


Ray is an Addiction Physician. He graduated from the University of Melbourne medical school in 1984; he completed his Master in Health Studies (Addiction Studies) from Queensland University 2003, Fellowship of Australasian Chapter of Addiction Medicine in 2004, and Master of Philosophy from Monash University in 2014. 

He has been a DACAS (Drugs and Alcohol Clinical Advisory Services) consultant since 2007. His previous clinical appointments include his position as the Medical Officer at Turning Point Alcohol and Other Drugs Services, and St. Vincent’s Drug & Alcohol Department in Melbourne.  

He has an interest in pain medicine and addiction, having worked for a number of years in addiction medicine at Monash Health and Peninsula Health.  

 He has an interest in pain medicine and addiction, having worked for a number of years in addiction medicine at   the Pain Medicine Clinic at the Kingston Centre (Monash Health) and  The Pain Medicine Clinic Frankston Hospital (Peninsula Health).  


Dr. Eli Kotler


Eli is a Psychiatrist who specialises in addictive and cognitive disorders and has a strong interest in personality disorders.  

Dr. Eli is the MMedical Ddirector at Malvern Private Hospital, and holds an Associate Fellowship with the Royal Australasian College of Medical Administrators. 

Dr. Eli focuses is on the underlying psychological and personality factors which predispose people to, and maintain, addictions.  

He is passionate about helping people with addictions, to achieve recovery through greater understanding of their own psychology and personalities, Eli places self-awareness and insight at the center of recovery. 

 Eli enjoys teaching these ideas to both fellow addiction specialists and medical students, and lectures at both National and International.

Dr. Raymond Chan


Andrew is a General Practitioner who has been practicing for 25 years.  He divides his time practicing in General Practice and as a Mental Health Practitioner.  

 He has lived experience and uses his experience of this illness and recovery to inform his treatment. 

He feels enormously privileged to have witnessed patients courageously undergo treatment as a residential patient at Malvern Private Hospital for many years.  He believes in offering quality holistic care to patients.  

He has been a clinical lead in both his own General Group Practice as well as a current clinical lead in the Healthcare Team at Headspace.  

He values ongoing learning from patient interactions as well as through professional development.