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Patient Charter

Your Rights and Responsibilities

Detailed information on your rights and responsibilities as a patient in our hospital, can be found displayed in the ward areas, in a brochure located in the folder by each bedside, or in the many brochure stands located throughout the hospital.  It is the sincere hope of all our hospital managers that your needs and “rights” are at all times attended to and respected.

Privacy Policy

We respect and uphold your rights to Privacy and will protect your privacy as per all stipulated legislation required by us.  For information on the hospital’s privacy policy ask one of our nursing staff to provide you with the relevant brochure.


Details of your treatment and care at this hospital are recorded in your medical record.  This information is treated in the strictest of confidence.  Only those health professionals directly related to your health care are allowed access.  The record remains the property of the hospital and is retained as a reference for any future treatments.

Interpreter Service

If you require an interpreter please inform us and if possible ensure that an English speaking relative comes to the hospital with you on the day of your treatment.

Our Expectations

It is our expectation that our clients, their families, and visitors will be satisfied with the services provided by Malvern Private. If you do not feel your expectations have been met, please do not hesitate to speak to a member of staff, or contact the Hospital Director.

As a leading Residential Rehabilitation provider in Melbourne, Malvern Private’s caring and professional staff members are always available to answer any questions or concerns clients may have.

Malvern Private respects the privacy of all clients’ personal and health information in accordance with Federal & State legislative requirements. In addition, all clients admitted to the hospital are required to respect the privacy of others and to treat everyone appropriately.

If a client requires any further information or would like a copy of our Privacy Policy, simply approach a member of our Administration Department who will be pleased to assist.

In the interests of health and safety, smoking is not permitted within the hospital. There are designated smoking areas external to the hospital building. Please contact Reception for further details.